About Jane

Jane Norris was born and raised in Tucson. Jane is a Residential Real Estate Agent and Broker specializing in helping her clients acquire:

Jane is experienced with every aspect of the Tucson lifestyle within Tucson proper and the surrounding rural areas.

Jane’s movies provide steady-cam, life-like tours that can be watched by friends and family located anywhere in the world. Because the camera moves and looks around, Jane’s Walk Through Movies and Narration Movies have a 3-D quality to them.

Walk Through Movies

If you are one of Jane’s clients, you don’t have to be in Tucson to get a tour of a home you’re interested in buying. Jane can make a Walk Through Movie for you. Walk Through Movies are set to music. Their effect is like what you would see walking through the house yourself.  

Click the Projects menu item to watch a walkthrough movie.

Narration Movies

If you are one of Jane’s clients she will make Narration Movies of the home you are selling. With Narration Movies, Jane delivers:

In the top menu click Projects and then Fly Away Santa Fe to view some of Jane’s Narration Movies.

Having worked for so many years with savvy builders and home sellers and buyers, Jane’s Narration Movies identify features and benefits that might otherwise go unnoticed.